Jaejun spent about $200

Jaejun Started to have fun when he is shopping, and he suddenly became “Shopper” and spend almost $200 just buying for my goods. 

Can’t go out!
Jaejun needed a lot of stationery which never sells in India never sells, such as Art Marker, Prismacolor color pencil, and mechanic ✏️ (Sharp) and etc… When he first entered the shop, he can’t stop easily. He also ‘eyeshop’ (having fun by just looking at stuff that he wanna buy) and can’t come out easily. He usually linger around the stationary corne… 

he really can’t get out!
Jaejun(me) realised after shopping that he is spending too much money just buying stationery and more… So he decided to not waste money easily


This is an artifact that I researched on and created this awesome video. I made this video to show others to wee how amazing the ancient time was. I am excited to see you guys enjoying this video and step more closer to the ancient artifacts.


Two strengths I have around organisation are:

I use the classroom app wisely and tiny calendar app wisely. Because every time I came back to home, I first open my Ipad and check my schedule, and do my work. 

Two areas for growth are:

I Keep on forgetting what I need to bring, or do. And I will fix this by using post-it more wisely and do my best to remember it.

One goal I have for the next 6 weeks is: 

To use post it wisely